About the Author


Greetings! My name is Joe, though some know me as J.C. Nusbaum, the author and illustrator of The Mystic Travelogues. I was born in Joplin, Missouri, spent much of my childhood living in Northern Ireland, finished high school in Australia and did my graduate studies at King’s College in London, England. But my family is from Wisconsin, and that will always be home for me.

My first book, The Glory that was Glass, is a novel for adults, but my first love has always been children’s literature. After I finished college, my love of middle grade fantasy books—the Oz books by L. Frank Baum, in particular—led me Books of Wonder in New York City. There, I learned all about children’s books from the amazing staff at the bookstore, many of whom were also children’s book writers and illustrators.

When I wrote The Mystic Travelogues, I imagined what I thought would be the most glorious book to discover when I was ten years old. For me, this would have included a mysterious old farm house like my grandparents had in Wisconsin, a journey to someplace fantastic, just a hint of magic without being too extraordinary, and a teddy bear like the one I held onto, though childhood was passing me by.

I now live in Charlotte, Vermont in a farmhouse that looks suspiciously like the one in the illustrations of The Mystic Travelogues. I still have my bear, Leopold, and when I feel stuck for writing material, he sits on my desk and I run ideas by him.