Mystic Lessons


In The Mystic Travelogues, Tug learns a great deal about developing his intuition and working with his dreams. All of the lessons taught to Tug are very real skills that everyone has the capacity to learn. In fact, the younger you are when you begin developing these skills, the easier a time you’ll have at it.

Two great resources to get you started are the guides Developing Intuition andIntroduction to Dreamwork, both written by Susan Mehrtens.

But the best way to learn these skills is to practice them. Keep a dream journal and find a friend to share your dreams with and practice interpreting for each other. Or better yet, take a class that fosters spiritual learning in a supportive environment. There are several wonderful schools, such as the Jungian Center near me in Vermont, that offer classes to develop all of the mystic abilities presented in The Mystic Travelogues, and many of these schools offer long-distance learning for students.